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Bruiser Brody's Best

Legacy.com / Nick Ehrhardt

Bruiser Brody's Best

Twenty-five years ago today, tragedy struck pro wrestling. Bruiser Brody, one of the sport's favorite brawlers, was stabbed and killed by a fellow wrestler in a shocking and strange locker-room incident. Jose Huerte Gonzalez asked Brody to discuss business in a private conversation, and when the two athletes emerged a few minutes later, Brody was dying of a knife wound – from a weapon Gonzalez was holding. No one but the two men who were involved knows exactly what happened in that locker room, and Brody can no longer tell us, but Gonzalez pled self defense and was acquitted.

Brody was just 42 years old when he died, leaving behind a wife and a young son – and a lot of fans who missed one of their favorites. For those fans, here are a few clips that show off Bruiser Brody at his best.

Brody vs. The Undertaker:

A tag team match with Missing Link:



Brody vs. Ric Flair:



And a compilation of Brody's signature moves: