Bruno Kirby, Classic Sidekick

Bruno Kirby was rarely the star, but that didn't make him any less memorable. As a character actor, he was brilliant – "the quintessential New Yorker or cranky straight man," according to film critic Leonard Maltin. And when he was elevated to the role of sidekick or best friend, we really got to see him shine. Six years after Bruno Kirby's death from leukemia, we're still saddened that he died so young – he was only 57 – and still wishing we could have seen his career go on. In his honor, we're watching two of his best roles.

Kirby starred alongside Billy Crystal in 1991's City Slickers. It brought Kirby his only award nomination, an American Comedy Awards nod for Funniest Supporting Actor. It also kept him on medication throughout filming so he could stand all that time spent in the saddle – Kirby was allergic to his equine costar.

There are many other great Bruno Kirby films to choose from – and not just comedies, but serious fare like crime drama Donnie Brasco and voice work like his turn as a cartoon mouse in Stuart Little. But we've got to close with our all-time favorite. Once again playing Billy Crystal's best friend, Kirby brought his unforgettable voice, attitude and charm to Nora Ephron's classic When Harry Met Sally…