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Patty Donahue's Christmas Wrapping

Getty Images / Michael Ochs Archives

Patty Donahue's Christmas Wrapping

Patty Donahue provided delightfully whiny vocals for quintessential 1980s new wave band The Waitresses. The band was short-lived, but they recorded a few classics that seem to scream legwarmers and lace. "I Know What Boys Like" is three minutes of confidently snotty and perky sing-song. And the theme to TV's Square Pegs engaged in that favorite '80s activity: making fun of nerds.

Another thing the '80s were great for was goofy Christmas songs. Right up there in the pantheon with Band-Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas" and Wham's "Last Christmas," there's The Waitresses' holiday classic, "Christmas Wrapping."

Though Patty Donahue lost her battle with cancer 15 years ago today, when she was just 40, she's still an important part of getting in the holiday spirit for children of the '80s. And we know that if she were here, she "couldn't miss this one this year."