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Ray Whitley's Summer Hits

Getty Images / Michael Ochs Archives

Summer wouldn't sound the same without songwriter Ray Whitley

The sounds of summer hit a somber note with the death of songwriter Ray Whitley (1943 - 2013), who during his career collaborated with various artists including Billy Joe Royal, Joe South, and Tommy Rowe.

Whitley (not to be confused with the cowboy singer-songwriter of the same name who co-wrote "Back in the Saddle Again" with Gene Autry) is best known for songs he wrote for the ultimate beach music band, The Tams — "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" (with J.R. Cobb), "Hey Girl, Don't Bother Me," and "What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am)."

Inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 1991, the year before The Tams were inducted, Whitley was just 14 when he formed his first band in Columbus, Georgia. At 17 he was introduced to music producer Felton Jarvis and publisher Bill Lowery, and began writing the Billboard hits that spark many summers-in-the-‘60s memories for Baby Boomers.

In an interview a couple of years ago, Whitley remembered, "I was sitting in his [Lowery's] office and The Tams walked up to me and asked if I had any songs. I took them down to the boiler room and sang for them 'What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am?' I guess they liked it."

At the time of the interview, Whitley said he had lost most of his hearing and was "almost" free from his struggle with alcohol. He died May 5, 2013, in Gainesville, Georgia where he had lived, for a time, in a homeless shelter called the Good News at Noon.

By the way, two spin-off groups from the original Tams — known for the tam toppers they always wore — are still touring. No doubt they’ll be singing the Whitley hits with an extra sweet sound.

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