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Really Rod Roddy

Getty Images / WireImage / J. Vespa

Really Rod Roddy

Rod Roddy would have turned 75 years old today. Born Sept. 28, 1937, the world's most famous game show announcer was a televison favorite – viewers loved him for his colorful jackets.

But more than that, we loved his enthusiastic voice as he worked – mostly behind the scenes – on game shows like Whew!, Love Connection, Press Your Luck, and, of course, The Price is Right. Roddy was a fixture of the long-running show, occasionally appearing onscreen, but mostly just calling the shots from somewhere offstage.

Roddy's voice was familiar outside the game show world, too. He was the announcer for TV sitcom Soap, catching us up on events from the previous episode.

But our favorite memories of Rod Roddy are the ones where we hear him introducing The Price is Right host Bob Barker… or inviting a contestant to "Come On Down!"

Written by Linnea Crowther