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RIP: Who We Lost in November 2019

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Notable deaths you may have missed in the news headlines.

Join us in a look back at some of the most notable lives that ended in November 2019.

Read the full Legacy obituaries for the life stories of the people featured in this video:

Michael J. Pollard (1939–2019), actor starred in "Bonnie and Clyde"

Charles Rogers (1981–2019), former Michigan State football legend

Goo Hara (1991–2019), K-Pop star

Laurel Griggs (2006–2019), Broadway actress appeared on SNL

Zeke Bratkowski (1931–2019), Bart Starr's backup

Rudy Boesch (1928–2019), Navy SEAL was a "Survivor" fan favorite

Brian Tarantina (1959–2019), "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" actor

Ernest J. Gaines (1933–2019), celebrated novelist

Walter Mercado (1932–2019), popular Puerto Rican astrologer

Vera Clemente (2019), widow of baseball legend Roberto Clemente

Virginia Leith (1925–2019), starred in "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"

Fred Cox (1938–2019), Vikings kicker co-invented the Nerf football

Maria Perego (1923–2019), puppeteer created Topo Gigio

John Mann (1962–2019), lead singer of Spirit of the West

Harrison Dillard (1923–2019), four-time Olympic gold medal winner


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