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Roger Ebert's Digital Afterlife

Getty Images / Photo by David Livingston

Roger Ebert's Digital Afterlife

Have you given any thought to how you'll handle your afterlife? No, we're not trying to get you to change religions, and we're not talking about heaven or reincarnation. We mean your digital afterlife – the memories of you that will live on after your death via Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, and everywhere else your presence has been felt on the Web. Do you have your plans for your blog written into your will? Do your loved ones know your Twitter password?

Roger Ebert was one pioneer in planning for a digital afterlife. As his death approached, he made sure his wife knew not only his passwords, but exactly how he would want his Web identity maintained after his death. She continues to tweet under his name – following his instructions for how to speak to his fans and followers. For the 800,000+ people who follow Ebert's tweets, the reminders of their favorite film critic can be friendly and comforting. And even though he has died, Ebert lives on, in a way, in the digital realm – an eternal online presence.

So how about you? Are you inspired to leave directions for your family on how to continue your blog? Or perhaps to keep sharing your favorite vintage vacation pics on Google+? Or even just simply how to access all those photos you uploaded to Flickr? Learn more about how Ebert did it in this profile from The Atlantic Wire.