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Singing His Faith in Salt Lake

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Singing His Faith in Salt Lake

 Peter Stylianos Gamvroulas (Salt Lake Tribune)Peter Stylianos Gamvroulas’ voice graced thousands of worship services for more than 50 years, according to the obituary in the Salt Lake Tribune.

But he didn’t sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the most famous church choir in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pete will be best remembered by the Greek Orthodox Parish of Salt Lake as the Chanter at Holy Trinity Cathedral, the obit reads. It has been said that when Pete chanted he didn't just sing words and notes, but he sang prayerfully, knowing that his voice represented the voice of the congregation, but also his own prayers.

The native of Honika, Argos, Greece, who died August 14 at age 84, was a seemingly ordinary man, yet he lived an extraordinary life, his family wrote. Like others of his generation that grew up in a small village in Greece during World War II, his early years were extremely difficult. He knew poverty, fear, and hunger. He also knew the Orthodox faith, courage, love, laughter, loyalty to family and friends, soccer played shoeless on gravel with a ball made of tied up rags, farming, how to roast a lamb, how to dance, and how to sing.

Most significantly, Pete’s father, a Greek Orthodox priest, taught him Byzantine music and trained his beautiful tenor voice, and his mother taught him unconditional love.

Pete served with the Royal Greek Navy and with the Ahens Police Department before boarding a ship bound for the United States in 1959.

He came to America with nothing but a suitcase and a few drachmas, eventually arrived in Utah of all places, met Tula Savas, and so began one of the world's great love stories, according to the obit.

During their 54-year marriage, the couple raised three sons and built a home of faith and comfort where they maintained their Greek culture and Orthodox traditions.


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