Brenda Buttner (1961 - 2017)

Brenda Buttner, the host of “Bulls & Bears” on Fox News, died Monday, Feb. 20, 2017, of cancer, according to multiple news sources. She was 55.

Neil Cavuto, her colleague at Fox News, made the announcement in an emotional tribute during his program Monday.

“Brenda was among the very first to put a kind female face to this once-staid old male batch of the business,” Cavuto said. “She took stock of life more than stock in life.”

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Buttner was a graduate of Harvard University. She started her broadcasting career at KCRL in Reno, Nevada. A motorcycle enthusiast, she was a feature editor of Cycle World.

Before beginning her stint at Fox News, Buttner was the host of “The Money Club” on CNBC. She received a Cable Ace Award in 1996 for her work on “The Money Club.” She also wrote articles on finance that appeared in The New York Times and Ladies’ Home Journal.

Former CNBC anchor Ted David told the Daily News, "She was smarter than smart, poised and gracious on the air, fun to work with as a fellow broadcaster and dedicated to her job.

"She was a mom, a motorcycle lover, and person full of life. Her death is beyond sad and reminds us that life is precious and we must defeat cancer in our time."

She is survived by two daughters.

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