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CP Crawford (1907 -2019), believed to be the oldest man in the United States

The Times of Northwest Indiana / Kale Wilk

CP Crawford (1907 -2019), believed to be the oldest man in the United States

CP Crawford was believed to be the oldest man in the United States when he died at the age of 112 on Saturday at Tri-State Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lansing, Illinois. He had been recognized by the 110 Club as the oldest living man in America. The native of Jackson, Mississippi lived most of his life on the South Side of Chicago. Crawford had a couple of his dreams come true recently. In 2015, Thornton South High School gave him an honorary degree as he was not able to finish school since he started working at a young age after his mother died. Earlier this year, the lifelong Chicago White Sox fan attended his first game ever where he was honored on the field and met Hall of Famer Harold Baines.  

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Died: Saturday, November 23, 2019. (Who else died on November 23?

Details of death: Died at the age of 112

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His favorite breakfast: Every morning he would have breakfast cereal and cranberry or apple juice. "If his cereal didn't have enough sugar, he would let you know.” - Shelia Huff – Activities Director at Tri-State Nursing  

On getting his high school diploma: "It meant everything to him. He got to wear a cap and gown, and students were there for the ceremony." "They even gave him a plaque. He was very grateful."  "He was such a kind, loving man.” - Huff told the Northwest Indiana Times 

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