Well-known online gaming personality

Desmond “Etika” Amofah was a popular YouTube online gaming personality. Etika was known for talking about new game releases, mostly from Nintendo. He had over 300,000 followers on Twitter and over 250,000 followers on Instagram. He went missing last Wednesday after posting an eight minute video titled “I’m Sorry” that referenced suicidal thoughts, mental illness, and cautioned against using too much social media. The New York City Police Department tragically confirmed they found his body on Monday evening.

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Died: Monday, June 24, 2019.

Details of death: Died at the age of 29, from a possible suicide.

What they said about him: "One of the best streamers in the game. He lost a channel of over 800,000 [subscribers] and made a new one and was right back pulling thousands of viewers. Wherever he's laid to rest I'll be there.” —Keem

"Sad to know a bright light faded today.” —Professional gamer Zinoto

Full obituary: BBC

If someone you know exhibits warning signs of suicide, he or she should not be left alone. Call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. The Lifeline provides free, confidential support for people in crisis or emotional distress, 24/7 year-round. The Lifeline also offers an online chat for people who prefer to reach out online rather than by phone.

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