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Jack Van Impe (1931–2020), popular televangelist who preached about the rapture


Van Impe was known for his extensive memorization of the King James Bible

Jack Van Impe was a televangelist known for his weekly program “Jack Van Impe Presents,” appearing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network for more than 20 years. An evangelical Christian, he commonly spoke about a coming apocalypse that he believed would happen soon. Van Impe co-hosted the program alongside his wife, Rexella, who read recent news while Van Impe interpreted the stories to bolster his vision of the impending end times. Van Impe was active until his recent illness, with his final broadcast coming earlier in January.

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Died: January 18, 2020 (Who else died on January 18?)

Details of death: Died at a hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan at the age of 88.

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The Walking Bible: Van Impe was known as “The Walking Bible” for his extensive knowledge of Bible verses. He memorized vast swaths of the King James Bible, his preferred translation, and could easily call verses to mind as he interpreted the day’s news events on his program.

What people said about him: “Jack Van Impe went to be with King Jesus yesterday. I grew up under much of his ministry in West Tennessee. Went to several ‘Sword of the Lord’ conferences. Yep, I’ve got some of that in my blood. He inspired me to study the WORD. He had memorized the Bible back to front. Amazing.” —Twitter user @DavidBurtonEv

“Jack Van Impe went to be with the LORD yesterday. No, I didn’t follow his teachings, but the man’s memorization of bible verses was phenomenal & so was his continuous “pointing” to Jesus and salvation. GOD’s peace rests upon him in a very personal way now.” —Twitter user @rachel7remnant

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