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Jessi Combs (1980–2019), “fastest woman on four wheels”

Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

Co-host of “Xtreme 4x4” died attempting to break her own land speed record

Jessi Combs was a racing legend known as the “fastest woman on four wheels.” She was a fixture on television auto shows, co-hosting Spike TV’s “Xtreme 4x4” and appearing on “Mythbusters,” “Two Guys Garage,” and “All Girls Garage.” Combs competed as a racer in many venues including a top ten finish in the Baja 1000. She set a four wheel land speed record for women drivers in 2013 with a run over 398 miles per hour. She died while attempting to break her own land speed record and Kitty O’Neil’s fastest woman in the world record of 512 miles per hour in a dry lake bed in Oregon.

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Died: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 (Who else died on August 27?)

Details of death: Died in a car crash at the age of 39.

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What they said about her: “I’m so so sad, Jessi Combs has been killed in a crash. She was a brilliant & too-notch builder, engineer, driver, fabricator, and science communicator, & strove everyday to encourage others by her prodigious example. She was also a colleague, and we are lesser for her absence.” —Adam Savage, host of Discovery Channel’s “Savage Builds”

“I am so, so sorry to hear this news. R.I.P. Jessi Combs. You were a hero to both men and women. What a sweetheart you were!!!” —Rikki Rockett, drummer with the band Poison

“R.I.P Jessi Combs. She has inspired so many to keep the sparks flying, rubber burning, and the limits challenged.” —Hot Rod Magazine

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