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Kyoto Animation Studio Fire Victims (2019)

EyeEm / Sue McDonald

At least 33 people have died in a suspected arson attack

At least 33 people were killed in a fire at the acclaimed Kyoto Animation Co. in Kyoto, Japan on Thursday. Dozens more were injured, some of whom are in critical condition. The fire appears to have been the result of arson, and police are waiting to question the suspect, who is also injured. 

Firefighters worked for hours to contain the blaze, located in a residential area of Kyoto’s Fushimi=ku district. 

Kyoto Animation’s president, Hideaki Hatta, said that the company had received threatening emails before the attack. 

The manga and anime series produced by Kyotro Animation include “K-On!”, “Haruhi Suzumiya,” and “Violet Evergarden.” 

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, tweeted, “So many people have lost their life and been injured as a result of the arson and murder case that took place in Kyoto today. It’s so tragic that I am at a loss for words.” 

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