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Lil Bub, internet feline star

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Lil Bub, internet feline star

Lil Bub, a famous internet cat who hosted her own web series “Lil Bub’s Big Show” which included Whoopi Goldberg as a guest, has died at the age of 8. The feral cat was born with multiple genetic abnormalities including a trait that left her a kitten. She was adopted by musician Mike Bridavsky in Indiana who called himself Bub’s “dude.” Another abnormality was that her tongue would stick out which made for memorable photos. Lil Bub recorded an album, collaborated with Andrew W.K. and appeared in a video for Run the Jewels. She promoted awareness for homeless and special needs cats and raised over $700,000 for animals in need.  

Details of death: Died at the age of 8 in her sleep. 

Owner Mike Bridavsky on her uniqueness: “That’s the reason I started sharing her: I was super-proud of her and I really thought she was the most amazing creature.” - Interview with Spin in 2013 

Full obituary: Pitchfork 

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