Raphael Schumacher

Raphael Schumacher, an Italian actor, has died in a freak accident while performing a hanging scene last weekend in Pisa, Italy, according to multiple news sources. He was 27.

Schumacher was reportedly performing in a theater production in the courtyard of the Teatro Lux when someone in the audience noticed the actor struggling because the noose around his neck was too tight. At the time, he was wearing a bag over his head.

The audience member and another person went to help Schumacher, loosening the noose. He was hospitalized soon after that, and he remained in a coma Wednesday.

After doctors had declared the actor clinically dead, Schumacher's relatives authorized the donation of several of his organs.

The Italian newspaper Il Giorno reported that the theater company's directors said Schumacher changed the scene's ending to that of a hanging at the last minute. The original ending was supposed to have involved a gunshot, but the directors told the paper that Schumacher changed the script without their knowledge.

Italian police are investigating the accident.

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