Riverside, California, Plane Crash Victims

Three people were killed and two others injured Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, when a small plane plunged into two homes in Riverside, California, according to multiple news sources.

One of the two survivors, however, died of her injuries about a week later.

Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore confirmed that three people had died initially in the crash.

California news station KTLA reported that the crash occurred shortly after takeoff.

The plane carried five people. None of the victims was from the homes where the plane crashed or elsewhere on the ground. Moore told news reporters at the scene that a check for additional victims would be conducted the following day.

A passenger who was injured after she was ejected from the craft that split upon impact told firefighters that she and the other four plane crash victims were taking part in a cheerleader conference at Disneyland.

The victims, who died on impact, were later identified as Nouri Hijazi, 83, the owner and pilot of the plane; Hijazi's wife, Dana Hijazi, 67; and Adine Farelas, 22.

The other two people on the aircraft who survived the crash were Farelas' mother, Silvia Farelas, 46, and Joanne Stacey Pierce, 46, Nouri and Dana Hijazi's daughter.

Pierce, who had been hospitalized in a burn unit, died Tuesday, March 7, according to multiple news sources.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.

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