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Russian Military Plane Crash Victims

Dollar Photo Club / Nikolai Sorokin

Russian Military Plane Crash Victims

A Russian military plane carrying members of the army's official choir has crashed in the Black Sea near Sochi, Russia. Russian Defense Ministry officials believe all 92 people on board have died in the crash.

The ensemble was "flying to congratulate Russian air force pilots in Syria with the New Year," ministry spokesman Igor Konashekov said.

The Tu-154 plane took off from the Adler airport in Sochi and disappeared from radar Sunday morning.

More than 100 divers with special equipment will be headed to the area of the crash, and a group of medical and psychological professionals will be on hand to help relatives, Konashekov said.

Russian officials do not believe that the plane crashed from an act of terror but most likely from plane malfunction or pilot error.

The choir, which is called the Alexandrov Ensemble, has toured all over the world singing Russian folk songs and patriotic music.

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