Steve Shagan (1927 - 2015)

Steve Shagan, a novelist, producer and screenwriter known best for writing the screenplay for the 1973 film Save the Tiger, has died, according to multiple news reports. He was 88.

Shagan died Nov. 30 at his Los Angeles home. No cause of death has been announced.

Shagan, who co-produced Save the Tiger, earned an Academy Award nomination for best original screenplay. Save the Tiger, which was adapted for film from his first novel by the same name, also won an award from the Writers Guild of America.

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After penning the novel City of Angels as well as the screenplay for Hustle, Shagan wrote the screenplay for Voyage of the Damned. In all, he wrote eight novels.

During the late-1960s, he produced a number of Tarzan films as well as several episodes of the Tarzan television series. 

In a 1982 Knight-Ridder newspaper interview, Shagan discussed his craft.

"When you write a novel," he said, "there's nothing between you and the audience. When you write a film, there's a whole army between you and the audience. Not that I'll give it up. I get a tremendous kick out of seeing a character I've created up on the screen."

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