Wendy Leigh (1950 - 2016)

Best-selling celebrity biographer Wendy Leigh has died at the age of 65, according to multiple news sources.

The author apparently fell from the balcony of her apartment on Sunday. Some reports have suggested that she may have jumped from the balcony.

She wrote best-selling biographies of many celebrities including David Bowie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John F. Kennedy and Patrick Swayze. She also wrote for the Daily Mail.

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The author was reported to be distressed about the death of her mother Marion, who passed away last December at the age of 88. She wrote about it in a Facebook post on May 22, "Five months today since my mother Marion died. I wish I could say it gets easier, but the truth is quite the reverse. Missing her more than I can say, but I know I was lucky to have had her as my mother.'

A former colleague told the Daily Mail, 'Wendy was a celebrated writer of books and was especially well known in the States. She had a theatrical approach to life and was noted for her kindness as well as endless enthusiasm and professional determination.'

Leigh also wrote a popular erotica series called “Unraveled.” The books were about a celebrity ghostwriter who falls in love with an older man. Supposedly the series was about her relationship with British media proprietor Robert Maxwell.

She was previously married, and has left no children.

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