Finding the Greatest Love Stories

Each day, millions of users show us the amazing ways that love stories live on. Time and again, a husband or wife missing their loved one, or children memorializing parents, will honor their own treasured love stories through obituaries. Here are some of those stories.

 James E. Hubbard (Monterey Herald) James E. Hubbard and his wife Jackie were among many who knew their romance to be the greatest of all time. Jim's obituary describes some of the most special times of his life, but notes that the most precious of all was the day he married the absolute love of his life, Jackie, a too short 35 years ago. The pair and their two children, Kathleen (Williams) and Michael, settled in their beloved Carmel. Jim and Jackie shared a love affair that only strengthened with each passing year. Theirs is the stuff from which the greatest love stories are inspired.

Cindy "Toni" Collins began her love story with husband Denny thanks to their mutual musical talent. She was a fortunate woman, as she shared one of the greatest love stories ever told - she and Denny celebrated their 45th anniversary this year, three more years than the number of days they knew each other before getting married, having hit the love-at-first-sight jackpot in Jackpot, NV when their respective bands were playing in town. Though she was already a top-ten recording and touring artist when they met, they made music together in Nashville and on the road, traveling the world and having adventures. Wherever they were was home as long as they were together; but if it was Hawaii, all the better! They even planned their future together immediately upon meeting: Just as they decided on the night they met, they had a daughter named Kimberley. 

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 Sybil Blevins Glash (Houston Chronicle)Sybil Blevins Glash and her husband Gene grew up together and inspired their loved ones with their lifelong romance. Sybil met her true love, Gene Glash, in those hills when she was 11 years old. She married him at age 17 just as he was leaving to fight in WWII. They moved to Houston after the War and became one of the greatest love stories of all time, celebrating 66 years of marriage this past year. Their relationship was filled with mutual love, respect and adoration and their love for each other radiated to everyone around them.

Henry Holt Uihlein Sr. owed his life's greatest triumphs to his wife Polly: Whatever one may state as Henry's accomplishments, they would not have been possible without the love, understanding and support of his beloved wife, closest friend and companion for over 69 years, Marion "Polly" Strauss Uihlein. Henry and Polly married on June 13, 1942 and proceeded to continuously rewrite and enhance the script for one of the greatest "Love Stories" ever told. 

 Marion Zeltzer (Harbor Lawn-Mt. Olive Memorial Park & Mortuary)Marion Zeltzer considered her romance with her husband Allen to be one of her greatest works. Her obituary eloquently tells the story of the love that blossomed between the two: In 1942, a world war raging, Marion, a striking beauty, met a handsome lieutenant out on a weekend pass. This chance encounter in Lake Arrowhead, California blossomed into love. Marion married the love of her life, her sweetheart, her friend, her constant companion of 68 years, Allen Zeltzer, on April 18, 1943, embarking on one of the greatest love stories ever told. Throughout their lives and on through Marion’s final illness, Allen was her greatest champion.

Mary McGee Regan loved her partnership with her husband Frank, who built the beauty shop she ran for almost 40 years. But before that came the story of the day they met: She was working for Acme Fast Freight until that night in 1954, when she walked into Bonnadio's Plantation Room and Frank Regan's life. What ensued was, inarguably, one of the greatest love stories of the past century. They were married on July 2, 1955, in the Chapel Church by Father J. Clifford Timlin, and soon began their family of six children. 

 Richard Luzerne Albert (Arizona Republic)Richard Luzerne Albert was, according to his obituary, the life of the party and a true jokester. But one thing that was no joke was his love for his wife Dorothy. On May 3, 1958, Richard married the love of his life, his soul mate, his best friend, Dorothy Ann Ferguson. Together they spent 54 years adoring each other. Their marriage mirrored that of what fairytales are made of. They had the greatest love story of all time. She lived for him, and he for her. 

Lawrence and Jean Farrell were so inseparable that they died just two days apart: "The perfect end to the world's greatest love story was written on February 1, 2012, when Lawrence E. Farrell was reunited with his beloved wife Jean M., who passed through Heaven's gates two days before on January 30, 2012." May we all experience a love so enduring.


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