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A Legacy of Random Acts of Kindness

Flickr Creative Commons / Abdul Rahman

A Legacy of Random Acts of Kindness

In honor of Random Acts of Kindness week, we wanted to take some time to see how one person's final request has spread kindness, joy and happiness to many other people's lives.

On January 26, 2002, Kelly Mason passed away at age 39 following a long battle with cancer. In lieu of flowers, her family asked that people make donations to the “Random Act of Kindness Fund” and shared an address to which donations could be mailed. They may not have realized at time that they would be setting off a chain reaction of kind acts. Or maybe they did.

For the past 11 years, strangers have submitted condolence messages to Kelly's online obituary Guest Book. And in those messages, they have shared how Kelly's kindness fund has impacted their lives. Here is a small sample of their stories:

Image by Flickr Creative Commons/chrissy polcino
Image by Flickr Creative Commons/chrissy polcino

A few weeks ago I stopped in a Goodwill Store, and was surprised to see a much loved but seldom seen friend of mine. We talked for over an hour while I thought how lucky I have been to have such a wonderful friend. Finally reaching the checkout, the cashier handed my your card and 10 dollars, which paid for both out purchases. What a sweet way to create a legacy for Kelly though random acts of kindness. She must have been a wonderful person. Thank you for letting her touch my life.

Was at the local Quick Trip in Fenton, Mo., the other night and these two sweet girls stepped up & paid for my soda's. She handed me a business card and disappeared into the night. I hope they arrived safely at their final destination which was Arizona. Didn't know "Kelly" but she must have been a special person.

I am a caregiver, and I was in Pizza Hut the other day with a client that has Parkenson. He is a very young man to have to be suffering with Parkinson. When I went to pay the bill, the waitress layed this card on our table. I was so impressed I had to see what Kelly Mason was all about. She must have been a wonderful person, because she leaves behind her a long list of wonderful friends and family. It made me think of my dad, who I just lost in May of this year. I will keep the act of kindness going. Thank you so much.

I went shopping for the perfect Christmas tree and found two beautiful trees at two different locations. When I picked up my family to go look at the trees the first one had been sold, so we went to the other location in Lemont where we always find the perfect tree. We choose the perfect Christmas tree and were suprised when the gentleman gave us a card and told us the tree was paid for by "Kellys random acts of kindness".T his was a beautiful sentiment to Kelly Masons memory and a true representation of the Christmas spirit.I have told this story to friends and family with reactions of tears and joy. Everyone has decieded to start thier own " acts of kindness". I want to thank you for reminding us that a little kindness can spread and grow and make someones life a little better. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and thank you once again for making our Christmas more special than ever.

I was sitting at Mile 18 watching the Chicago marathon when I received your random act of kindness card & Starbuck's certificate. It literally made me cry. In a strange way, it also made me want to start running, as my Mom has leukemia and I would love to run a marathon in her honor. What you guys are doing is nothing less than amazing. Thank you, Michelle & Reenie! You are touching many lives with these acts, and it is very appreciated.

We hope Kelly and her family inspire you to share acts of kindness this week, and always. To read more about the acts of kindness this family made possible, visit Kelly’s Guest Book.