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Amelia Earhart Finishes Her Flight Around the World

Getty Images / Denver Post / Cyrus McCrimmon

Amelia Earhart Finishes Her Flight Around the World

In 1937 Amelia Earhart was taking the world by storm. The fearless pilot and aviation enthusiast was one of the world’s most popular celebrities, and she captured the imagination of millions when she set out to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. She disappeared over the South Pacific 77 years ago this week, however, and was never heard from again.

Last week another young flier took off in her own plane, following the route Earhart had planned. Coincidentally, her name is Amelia Earhart, too. The two are not related, other than by their identical first and last names. They also share the same spirit of adventure and exploration. The younger Earhart is traveling her namesake’s path to complete her journey symbolically as well as to raise funds and awareness for the next generation of female pilots. Through the Fly With Amelia Foundation, Earhart is distributing scholarships to hopeful pilots around the country, eager to continue the proud history of women in the sky.

Follow her journey on Twitter by using the #flywithamelia hashtag.