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An Obituary for Led Zeppelin II / Nick Ehrhardt

An Obituary for Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin II (Chicago Tribune)I've always been a fan of unusual names – the ones that form a sentence (like one of my all-time favorites, Barbara Hollers), the ones that are beautifully mellifluous (I once had a friend named Marisol Flores, and I always thought her name was as lovely as she was), and the ones that are just plain different (like the young man my sister went to school with, Epluribus).

We at ran across one of the greatest unusual names of all time this week, when we received an obituary for Led Zeppelin II.

Zeppelin wasn't born with that name (he was once George Blackburn), nor did he change it for a joke or after losing a bet. He took the name of his favorite album by his favorite band after a divorce last year, as a way to reinvent himself.

The new name was both an homage and a fresh start. And he was clear-headed about the change – it was something he had been thinking about for years before making the decision. "I just changed my name from the standpoint that I can be a better person than I used to be," he said.

It made him happy, too – he said his life "improved a thousand fold" after the name change.

Maybe it's something we should all consider. If you chose a new name today, what would it be?