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Attend Your Own Funeral (as a Hologram)


Delivering your own eulogy is impossible—or is it?

Imagine you're on your deathbed and you're granted an impossible gift — the chance to attend your own funeral. If you accept, what would you do at the service? Would you tell grieving friends and family members how much you loved them? Would you try to comfort them?

3 Reasons to Plan a Funeral in Advance

Soon, you might be able to do both. Carl Minardo, founder of Florida-based AIM Holographics, has spent years making 3-D funeral farewells a reality.

“I’ve had people say to me, ‘Boy, that’s creepy,'" he said. "But the majority do not. And if I show them the eulogy I recorded myself, then after 2.5 minutes, they’re in tears.”

Technology is part of the funeral hologram process. Emotion is another. But that's still not the whole picture; cinematography is an important part of the equation. “I have my production company go anywhere in the continental United States at your convenience. They bring all the supplies to your home," Minardo said. "They shoot for a couple of hours, reduce it down about six minutes."

Holograms have applications far beyond funerals — think informational kiosks at trade shows, or enhanced sales at shopping malls. But Minardo believes holographics are poised to make a big splash in the funeral planning world, particularly among those who are still in the prime of life. "Recording a self-eulogy might seem like something you’d only think of doing at the end of life, but that's not the case. Lots of people want to make their hologram 15 years in advance, when they're still vibrant — not looking like they're in hospice."

Recording your own eulogy could also be a gift to your loved ones. Minardo, who has handled three funerals in the last five years, knows being absolved of eulogy responsibilities can be a relief to mourners in the throes of grief. “Eulogies are hard to do. It’s a stressful time, why burden your family?" he said. "This is a wonderful vehicle to eulogize yourself, to create a life legacy that you’d like to have people know after you’ve left."

If that's not enough reason to invest in custom hologram technology, there's another benefit to consider — the fact that AIM Holographics' interfaces double as next-level entertainment systems. "You plug it into an internet connection and it’s your computer. You'll have a monitor that’ll blow your mind... you can stream Netflix or watch the game, it's like your own personal 3-D media room."

What would you record for a holographic funeral eulogy? Tell us in the comments.