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Bride Fights Cancer, Sees Her Wedding Day / Nick Ehrhardt

Bride Fights Cancer, Sees Her Wedding Day

Like thousands of young brides around the country, Jahaysia Graham-LaJuett, 19, celebrated her wedding last month. Unlike those other brides, she planned her wedding while in hospice care, dying of a rare form of bone cancer. Her story inspired local businesses to come together and work with the hospice center to make her dream wedding a reality, according to

On Sept. 12, Graham and her fiancé, Jathyis LaJuett, were married in an outdoor ceremony surrounded by friends, family and others in the community who were moved by the young woman's story. Hundreds watched as the two exchanged vows and began their life together as a married couple. That life ended last week, however, when Graham-LaJuett died, surrounded by friends and family at the Community Hospice, according to News 10 in Schenectady, New York.

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