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'Bucket List Baby' Shane Haley Dies / Nick Ehrhardt

'Bucket List Baby' Shane Haley Dies

Baby Shane Haley was world famous before he was even born. After being diagnosed in the womb with anencephaly, a fatal birth defect, Shane's parents were determined to give their son as full of a life as his brief time with them would allow. They created a "bucket list" of things for Shane to see and do, and then took him on an adventure. While still in the womb, Shane traveled to the top of the Empire State Building, met the Philadelphia Phillies and visited the Atlantic Ocean, according to his Facebook group Prayers for Shane.

Early Oct. 9, Shane was born, welcomed by his parents and extended family at 2:25 a.m. Less than four hours later, he "died peacefully in his Mother's arms," according to a post on the Facebook page. According to his parents, Shane "spent his entire life in the arms of people that loved him unconditionally."

Visit Prayers for Shane to learn more about him and his parents' journey, and share their story with your loved ones.