Camp Lifts Spirits for Children of Dead Soldiers

This summer, approximately 15 children gathered for a very special summer camp. Like most campers, they enjoyed outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking and geocaching. But these young people shared a common bond that set them apart from their friends back home: Each was the son or daughter of a U.S. special operations forces member killed in action.

Nicknamed "WOLF" (Warrior Outdoor Leadership for the Future), the camp was conceived by Sara Moola, the wife of former U.S. Air Force commando Mike Vaughn, as a place for teens in this unique situation to come together with others who understand what they're going through. Co-founder Vaughn told the Deseret News, "You never leave anyone behind, and you take care of your own. That's what this program's really all about."

The camp offers university scholarships for its participants as well as workshops in resume writing and online networking, special mentors, athletic events and opportunities to forge friendships with fellow campers each summer. Visit the camp's website to learn more about its mission, opportunities for volunteers and how to donate to support next year's camp.