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Changing Lives, $500 at a Time / Nick Ehrhardt

Changing Lives, $500 at a Time

Aaron Collins (Lexington Herald Leader)Aaron Collins didn't have much, but what he had he liked to share – by tipping well, for example, whenever he could afford it. When Collins died recently, he made an unusual last request. Collins asked his family to go out for a pizza in his memory… and tip the server $500.

Collins's estate didn't allow for that kind of a tip, so his family set up a website asking for donations, and hoping they'd make it to $500 so they could honor his wish.

To date, they've collected more than $18,000.

$500 of it was used to tip a server at Puccini's in Collins's hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. With the rest of the money, the family will continue to carry out Collins's final wish again and again, making a small difference in a lot of lives… and bringing smiles to the faces (and a few tears to the eyes, too) of a lot of servers.