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Cheerleader's Inspiring Fight With Cancer / Nick Ehrhardt

Cheerleader's Inspiring Fight With Cancer

Breanna Lyn Bercegeay-Bertucci, 13, died this month after nearly 14 months fighting acute myeloid leukemia, a rare form of blood cancer. The Louisiana girl’s struggle with the disease, chronicled on the Facebook group “Cheering for Breanna” inspired thousands to follow the ups and downs of her treatment and illness, as well as the daily business of being a young girl.

Her indomitable spirit and positive attitude raised funds for cancer research, her own treatment, and recognition of the danger that childhood cancers pose. But Breanna died Oct. 2, just two days after National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ended, and now “Cheering for Breanna” chronicles her family's struggle to move on without her.

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