Deaf Sports Leader

Clyde Wilson (Akron Beacon Journal)A graduate of the Ohio State School for the Deaf, Clyde D. Wilson, 91,  founded, led and/or participated in softball, basketball and bowling organizations for hearing impaired athletes.

According to the obit in the Akron Beacon Journal, Wilson founded the Tri-State Deaf Softball Association Tournament in 1940. From 1942 to 1944 he was the President of the Ohio State Deaf Softball Association. In 1955, he was the all-star leftfielder (Akron Silents) in the Tri-State Deaf Softball Tournament.

In 1944, Clyde founded the National Deaf Basketball Association Tournament and was captain of that year's championship team.

He was the bowling captain for the following bowling teams: Firestone Silents, Deaf Citizens, and Bories Bowland Silents. He was secretary-treasurer for the Ohio Deaf Bowling Association for 19 years. In 1967, he founded the Ohio Deaf Bowling Tournament Men and Women. In 1981, he founded Akron Club of the Deaf Mixed Bowling League.

In 2010, Clyde was inducted into the Ohio Deaf Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

Wilson, who taught American Sign Language to University of Akron students after retiring from Firestone Tire and Rubber, also wrote a book titled Akron History of the Deaf.


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