Forever Love

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Lisa L. Montalvo’s obituary reads like a set of love notes from her family to their beloved wife, mother and daughter. Written as much to her as about her, the obituary includes loving tributes from her “husband, best friend, soul mate,” their two daughters, and her mom.

Lisa died last week unexpectedly at home in North Canton, Ohio.

“I am truly a better man having loved and known you,” Lisa’s husband Francisco wrote. “I hope I can make you proud as you look down on me and our family and ensuring God continues to bless our family. You are my angel who was taken from me much too soon, but I will forever love you and treasure the memories we have together.”

From her daughter Payton: “Even through all the bad times, I know she loves me and I love her. I would trade anything to have her back. I love you so much Momma!”

From daughter Madison: “I know she is always here for me even through all my silly teenage drama and my endless complaints. I didn't make her job easy, in fact, I don't know how she deals with me. But I thank her for standing by me and all my craziness. She deserved to get well and live a full and pain free life, but God had a different plan and at least I know she is not suffering.”

And from her mother, Glenda L. Vierheller: “I will never try to take your place but now that you are with God in heaven, I only can hope to fill the void created by your physical absence in the girls' lives. You have been the best daughter any mother could ever dream or ask for.”

In addition to beloved wife, mother and daughter, Lisa is described as being a physical therapist, a true friend, church-going woman, and someone a great many people cared for and about.

Here’s how the obituary tribute closes: “I will miss your smile, but most of all I will miss your laugh that could brighten any cloudy day. I know that God's plan will someday bring me home with you and I look forward to that day when we can once again hug and kiss each other in heaven. I never said this to you enough, but I am so very proud of you and want you to know I think you are a fantastic and wonderful mother. … We are all looking forward to getting to heaven and experience the all you can eat buffet where there is no calories and no guilt and where we will be skinny forever.”

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