Funeral Procession on the Speedway

Hershel Roberts was a John Deere employee and labor union activist. He was also a popular guy at the Quad City Speedway in East Moline, Illinois.

Roberts began his career as a dirt track racer in 1968 and was well known on the Midwest circuit, according to his obituary. On Oct. 10, 2010, he raced his No. 58 car in the 100-lap feature at Quad City Speedway and won the B-main. It was a bittersweet moment for Roberts who knew it would be his final race. 

Roberts died of cancer May 3, 2011, at age 68. Family and friends found a fitting way to pay tribute to the veteran racer: with a funeral procession around the QC Speedway. Watch Hershel Roberts make his final lap.


This post was contributed by Alana Baranick, a freelance obituary writer. She was the director of the Society of Professional Obituary Writers and chief author of Life on the Death Beat: A Handbook for Obituary Writers before she passed away in 2015.