"Debby Lynn Underwood Gross danced her way into heaven..."

It's not often we read anything as warmly funny and heartfelt as this obit for Debby Lynn Underwood Gross. As her obit says, "If you don't share her appreciation of laughter at the expense of etiquette and decorum, read no further."

After Gross died in April 2010, her obituary appeared in the Star-Telegram in her hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas, where she worked at an orthodontics practice.

"During her life she excelled at mediocrity," her obit informs us. "She could do anything she wanted . . . she just chose not to!"

And it only gets more funny from there. You can read the entire obit here.

Lots of folks have voiced their appreciation in the Guest Book for Gross:


Debby Lynn sounds like a friend or family member who would keep you 'in stitches.' My sympathies to her loved ones. And, thank you so much for sharing Debby Lynn with those of us who missed knowing her in person. You gave us a great introduction and a wonderful reminder to not take ourselves so seriously. What a gift.

~Pam, Arlington, Texas

Just wanted you to know that this obituary (hate to call it that!!) was sent to me in ALASKA! by my friend in GERMANY! (she is orignally from Wichita Falls, TX) So, it has basically made it AROUND THE WORLD! WOW! AWESOME!! Wish I knew Debbie, and now I feel I do!! Thanks for sharing! She definatly was someone special!! There must be LOTS of laughter goin' on in heaven today!! ;)

God bless you all!

~Kathy Teague, Elmendorf AFB
Anchorage, Alaska

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