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He Saved Her Life; Now She Honors His / Nick Ehrhardt

He Saved Her Life; Now She Honors His

In 2010, Mason Mudlin died of rare auto-immune disorders at just 27. During his lifetime, Mudlin struggled with his illness and dreamed of crossing off the many items on his long bucket list. He accomplished much in his short life, enjoying the great outdoors, traveling and even catching a marlin on a fishing trip made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But with his death, Mudlin left a lifetime's worth of dreams unrealized.

In the years since his death, Mudlin's bucket list has become a mission for Justine Komin of Wichita, Kansas. A cystic fibrosis patient, Komin received a healthy lung from Mudlin, giving Komin the chance to lead a full, healthy life. According to, Komin is honoring the gift by completing Mudlin's bucket list, recently taking the driver's seat in a borrowed race car and going for a spin. Mudlin's family was present, too, traveling from South Dakota to meet Komin and see how his gift continues to bring joy to the world.

Komin expressed her gratitude that night.

"I've been given a gift that I will cherish and protect as long as I can," she said.

For Mudlin's family, the experience brought a sense of communion, with one family member saying, "It's like having a moment with Mason that we didn't get to have."

The decision to be an organ donor can have a lasting impact on the world, saving the lives of many people. Talk about organ donation with your family and share Mason Mudlin's story with your loved ones.