Kaye Henderson wrote her own obituary, and she did it right.

Kaye Henderson with husband BarryWe're often told, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." Kaye Henderson followed that advice… she wrote her own obituary, and she did it right.

Henderson battled cancer for years, and when she knew the end was nearing, she began putting together the perfect obituary, a loving goodbye to her friends and family. It includes special notes and thanks to many of her loved ones:

"Kaye loved Barry with all her heart and soul, and he was her true soul-mate and very best friend."

"Kaye never felt like she could thank her mom enough, so she wanted to make sure to do it one more time. Thanks, Mom."

"Kaye has an extremely special and close cousin with whom she has shared her life, Robin Bailey, of Roanoke. Robin could always bring laughter in to any circumstance."

Henderson also discussed her favorite organizations and good friends. She went into detail about the volunteer work she did and offered thanks for friends, church groups and a beloved pastor.

Messages left in Kaye’s Guest Book underline just how loving and loved Henderson was. During the days since her death on February 26, entries have poured in. Friends and strangers alike have been deeply moved by Henderson's last words, and they've written in to give thanks for her life and good heart.

It can seem like a scary task, writing your own obituary – it's hard to envision your own death and to think of what final things you'd like to say to those you loved. But Kaye Henderson proved that it's a task worth doing.