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Honoring My Father's Father

Photo courtesy of Maxwell Family

Honoring My Father's Father

Filmmaker and Legacy team member John Maxwell wanted to know more about his grandfather, so he sat down with his dad and a video camera.

I am the third John L. Maxwell. My dad was the second and my grandpa was the first. My grandfather died when I was just a baby, so I don't have any memories of him. As Father's Day approached this year, I decided to sit down with my dad and a video camera and ask him what he remembered about his own father. I got hours of stories and expanded my project to include interviews with his sisters and brother.

They painted a picture for me of a humble, hardworking man who lived for his family and a good laugh. So often in life we get caught up thinking that a man is great because he accomplishes great things. But sometimes, just being present to create memories for those we love is a great accomplishment in itself.

Here's to honoring the great men in our lives. Happy Father's Day.

–John L. Maxwell III