Kevin McGroarty died after "a long fight with mediocracy."

Kevin McGroarty of Pittston, Pennsylvania, recently moved into section 7N at Mount Olivet Cemetery. News of his relocation ("please make note of his new address") is among the many gems in McGroarty's funny obituary, written by the man himself.

The longtime veteran of the advertising industry, who died July 22, 2014, had a way with words as his farewell proves.

About 300 people attended McGroarty's memorial service, says the Times Leader, though there's no mention how many were present for the "brief rant of how the government screwed up all of the Bugs Bunny Cartoons trying to censor violence. ... presented by his attorney" that McGroarty promised would precede his burial Mass.

Friends of McGroarty were not that shocked by his laugh-filled goodbye. On the contrary, childhood friend Brian Langan told "I expected this, I expected more and I'm still not sure if there’s not more to pop up, I really wouldn't be surprised at all.”

Those not fortunate enough to know him personally may still leave notes of sympathy and appreciation for McGroarty at his online Guest Book.

Update: There may have been a more serious side to McGroarty. A March 2016 art exhibit, featuring works by McGroarty, benefitted a Luzerne County Community College memorial scholarship fund: The Kevin J. McGroarty Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Communications Arts Scholarship.” Said an organizer and longtime colleague and friend, “We wanted to do this because Kevin was such an outstanding person and had such a kind heart. He also was so incredibly talented that we wanted to both honor him and share his creative genius with the whole community.”

Originally published July 2014

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