"Enchanted countless women and men of all ages" and "taught many to live and love without restraint."

"Cynthia Castle lived for love and adventure."

So begins the obituary of a cattle rancher and rice farmer who was a professional cartographer and Geographic Information Systems specialist. Her travels took her across America, to the Caribbean, the Amazon, and even the lost city of Machu Picchu, Peru. Closer to home in her native Louisiana and later in Geronimo, Texas, her adventures involved beehives, crawfish, whitewater rafting, and "Cowgirl Yoga."

When Castle died Aug. 4, 2014, she left behind her three daughters, a grandson, her mother and brothers and sister, countless friends around the globe, and a legacy of adventure.

"Pure magic! Pure spirit! Pure love! She is dancing on a beach with a hula hoop, joyously laughing with abandon as the waves lap at her feet, enjoying her newfound adventure in the Great Beyond..."

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