One Busy Lady

Zelline Stevens (Salt Lake Tribune)The family of Zelline V. Stevens, who died April 21 at age 94, managed to cram a lot of information about her life – and her opinions – into a relatively small space in her obituary in the Salt Lake Tribune.

She is one of the last surviving residents of the original mining town of Independence, Colorado. She was raised at an elevation of more than 10,900 feet and always kept a love of the mountains.

She and her husband, Boyd, who died in 1975, had been intensely involved in the community of White City, Utah:

[T]hey helped form the White City Water Company, created several parks, fought off Sandy City to keep White City independent, helped bring in Alta View Hospital, formed a community church and helped start the very first group home for the handicapped through the Columbus School program.

She managed Liquor stores from 1956 through 1993. She would not be happy with how the State is treating these hard working people today. She believed the state legislature operated without a heart.

Nicely done!




This post was contributed by Alana Baranick, a freelance obituary writer who lives in Northeast Ohio. She is director of the Society of Professional Obituary Writers and chief author of Life on the Death Beat: A Handbook for Obituary Writers.