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Remembering Dad

To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re highlighting some recent Guest Book messages where people pay loving tribute to those special men who, though no longer with them, still remain in their hearts.

Today is 16 months that you havent been with us, still not getting any better but you already know that, you can see that the whole family isnt dealing with your lost that well. Even though we know where you are and how happy you are we ....your family misses you so much, When will it get easier for us dad? We are all pulling together as a family and we talk about you and remember all the things you did, the stuff you liked to do and eat and the flowers that you loved, there starting to bloom now that we are almost in to summer. I just wanted to let you know that i have not forgotten you and that i am thinking of you everyday. I miss you and love you so much. Mommy wants you to know that she loves you and misses you, that there isnt a minute that goes by that she isnt thinking of the love of her life. She cries most of the time but she has a hard time living life without you, but she knows that you would want her to move on with the grandkids and us 4 kids. She said you are her one and only true love of her life and that one day when God calls her home she wants you there at the gates waiting for her. These are mommys words" I love you Johnny until we meet again" your wife Bernadette. I love you dad always and forever, Janine
Michelle Thomas, daughter of John D. Pollizze


From Dad's memorial service at Sycamore Presbyterian Church, July 2009
My Dad was the most generous and humble man I've ever known. We've spent the week together at Lake Anna just as we have most summers since 1997. This year was different. There's an empty chair at the dinner table, an empty seat on the boat, an unused noodle and floppy sun hat on the shore, and extra bananas in the fruit bowl. But at every turn, I see his face. I see him setting up the grill for dinner. I see him playing legos with my sons. I see him clapping and cheering the "Blondies" show. I heard him yell "Yee Hah!" when Ben and Jessica learned to wakeboard yesterday. I see him give my wife a crushing hug and tell her how proud he is of his whole family. I'll miss my Dad.

Brad Nyholm, son of James Wallace Nyholm


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Dad...I miss you so much. Not a day passes that I don't wish this was all a very bad dream and that I will wake up to find you alive and well. Yesterday I went and bought a Father's Day card for you. I cried in the aisle as I read the cards until I found just the right one. I just cannot let you go- you are forever with me...wherever I go, there you are...I see you in everything. Today your granddaughter, Teressa, graduates from Lompoc HS. I keep thinking you would be so proud. Three generations have gone through there, you, my mother, sissy, me, and now, Teressa. Tonight I pack you in your case to go with us camping at the ocean in Fort Bragg. To the place where Jeff and I were married. You and I will sit at the beach and enjoy some sunsets together and I can share with you this place that I love so much. At last, you can enjoy it with me. My father, my hero I miss you so much and wish to the heavens that you were still here with us. You are missed so incredibly...Whatever will I do without you to turn to???? I love you, Dad, with every last ounce of my heart, you will never be forgotten...

Corina, daughter of Bennie Jimenez Castillo Jr.


More than a father-in-law, you were to me. You showed me courage as you fought perhaps some of life's toughest battles head on. A genuine father and grandfather, you were always there for your children and theirs. A gentleman, who was never judgemental or pretentious, but instead always had words of wisdom and support. And a buddy, who'll I'll dearly miss.

David, son in-law of Alexander Attfield