'Star Wars' Funeral for Remarkable Young Boy

Four years hardly seems long enough to make a mark on the world, but for those who knew Jack Robinson, it was all the time he needed.

Robinson, age 4, died of an inoperable brain tumor, according to the Portsmouth Daily News. Though he spent most of the last four months of his life in and out of hospitals, Robinson was able to finish his own personal bucket list, including visits and messages from two of his heroes, singer Gary Barlow of pop group Take That and actor Matt Smith, known best as the Doctor on "Doctor Who." The two celebrities reached out to Robinson after stories of his struggle began circulating on social media.

After his death, Jack's family decided that a spirit as unique as his needed to be honored in keeping with Jack's passions during his life. Jack loved Star Wars, continuing to watch the films and play with the toys even while in the hospital, so his parents decided on a "Star Wars" funeral as their way to pay tribute to Jack one last time. Storm Troopers escorted his coffin to the church, where R2D2 was patiently waiting with 60 or so other mourners, according to The Mirror.

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