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The Remarkable Reta Banks / Nick Ehrhardt

The Remarkable Reta Banks

What a movie this would make: a young champion swimmer born in Australia sets sail from Sydney – on a hospital ship carrying wounded American soldiers – lands in San Francisco, becomes a fashion consultant for I. Magnin’s and is friendly with celebrities including Bing Crosby, Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne.

Oh, but that’s not all. When she retired from fashion, she took up fishing!

Reta Banks (Image via
Reta Banks (Image via

Reta Banks, who died in San Francisco this month at the age of 105, became Captain Ducky in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and was a familiar sight around Fisherman’s Wharf. She eventually became a Charter Boat Captain with the Fisherman’s Wharf Fleet, skippering a commercial fishing boat.

When she turned 95, she was quoted as saying, “I go to the wharf once in a while and take a ride out to Golden Gate. It’s only for an hour but if my health stays the same, I wouldn’t mind living to 100.”


Five years later, the San Francisco Chronicle noted her 100th birthday, celebrated with champagne and cake and a jaunt around the bay with friends.

Here are a few other colorful facts that would make good film fodder:

• Her dad was a gold miner;
• As a toddler, she lived in a tent;
• She began her fashion career as a swimsuit model;
• As Capt. Ducky, she firmly carved out a place for women in the fishing industry;
• She was a breast cancer survivor who, after a double mastectomy, told her crew to call her Twiggy;
• And she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) in 1981 but, according to her obituary, “miraculously recovered” thanks to her “extraordinarily positive attitude.”

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