Frank and Eleanor Turner were inseparable for more than six decades and then died within hours of each other. 

On Nov. 29, 2013, Frank and Eleanor Turner passed away within hours of each other in separate care facilities, neither aware of the other's death. Their 65-year romance had come to an end.

Their life together began in 1948, when Frank stopped at an auto dealership and was instantly taken with the salesman's lovely secretary. They courted, married a few months later, and were inseparable for more than six decades.


Even as their health declined, the pair could not stand to be apart, and they moved together into a nursing home. Frank cared for Eleanor as best he could, continuing his decades of devotion to her, until at last dementia forced them apart. Still, Frank did his best to stay by her side, visiting her as long as his health held out.

They were reunited briefly, several days before they died, as both were being admitted to the hospital. They were able to hold hands briefly before being separated again for the last time.

Since their passing, Frank and Eleanor's story has gone viral, appearing on social media and news sites around the world. Their story is fascinating not just because of the amazing coincidences surrounding the end, but also because of what came before. Their willingness to take a chance on each other, to persevere together and devote themselves to each other for 65 years is a reminder to us all of what is possible with true love.