Jessica's Boundless Playground offers fun for kids and adults of all ages and abilities

Five years after 19-year-old Jessica Martins died of a rare genetic disorder called Rett syndrome, her family and friends honored her by opening up a world of joy and possibility for children in her hometown.

Team Jessica, founded by Jessica's mother, Vicky Martins-Auffrey, spent years planning and raising money to build a playground in Belchertown, Massachusetts, in memory of Jessica. Created under the guidance of physical therapists, "Jessica's Boundless Playground" is designed to offer every boy and girl a chance to have fun and play regardless of level of mobility. The playground can accommodate children and adults with disabilities, senior adults, and wounded veterans in rehabilitation.

Assembly of the playground equipment began on Jessica's 24th birthday, and Jessica's Boundless Playground opened Nov. 9, 2014. The reviews, many from people who drove long distances to visit the playground, have been overwhelmingly positive. Through the playground, Jessica continues to touch and inspire people in her hometown and beyond.

"My kids are always asking to go to the 'Blue Playground' even on cold days they don't seem to mind. They always have a smile on they're face and always meet new friends while they are there. This is our favorite playground and make the 25m drive as often as possible. Great playground!"

"Awesome concept a great place for kids and adults of any age."

"Amazing playground for all ages and abilities! We drive 45 minutes to enjoy it!!"

"This playground is AMAZING! We had so much fun with our son this is! It is 1.5hrs from us, but we can't wait to come back!!! It will definitely be again soon.​​​​​​​"​​​​​​​