A Father's Chance to See His Son Again

Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary this week with a new feature allowing users to make a 62-second film of their history on the social network. The films are like a personal highlight reel for the last 10 years, and proved surprisingly popular among users.

One user in particular, John Berlin, took a personal interest in the films after seeing photos of his late son, Jesse Berlin, in several films from his son's friends. After seeing his son in these videos, Berlin posted a video imploring Facebook to create a video for his son's page, which is still active but inaccessible.

After his message went viral, Facebook announced they would "cut some red tape" to get the video made. Berlin's success in moving the company inspired other families to make similar requests. There is no word yet if the social media giant will make exceptions for others, but the more traction this story gets, the more likely it is those families will get to see their loved ones one more time. 

Update 02/08/14: Facebook has created a Look Back film for Jesse Berlin. John and his family were notified Friday when Mark Zuckerberg called the family personally to let them know.