"You have an amazing family and I know you will be missed by them and the millions who listen to your song every day."

With his remarkable song "Clouds," Zach Sobiech topped the music charts even as the teen was dying of cancer.

At 14, Zach was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that affects mostly children. During treatment he underwent multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy. And he started writing music.

Zach wrote the song "Clouds" about his cancer journey and released it on YouTube in December 2012. By the time he died May 20, 2013, at just 18, "Clouds" had gone viral, receiving three million views. After his death, the song topped 10 million. 

Now Zach is back in the news thanks to his family who have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, raised by purchases of the song, to the University of Minnesota for cancer research.

Hear Zach sing "Clouds" and read tributes to this remarkable young musician and his family.

"Zach, although I never got the honor of meeting you your song is in my heart forever. It is beautiful. You have an amazing family and I know you will be missed by them and the millions who listen to your song every day. An inspiration to everyone."

~ Debbie Perdue, Phoenix, Arizona

"God bless Zach and the entire Sobiech Family. Fortunately for mankind Zach continues to teach people that faith hope and love are cornerstones of foundational humanistic existence. Zach played an instrumental role in helping me decide to devote my professional life to medicine. If I help save just one person, Zach's legacy will have saved what God created. Rest in eternal peace Zach, your work is being continued here while you guide us from the Clouds!"

~ Robert Pena III, Phoenix, Arizona

"Zach your words in your song 'clouds' was not only beautiful, real, and deep, but inspiring. My brother Pete passed away 9/11/10 from Osteosarcoma. Me, my mom, and dad watched his story and song together one evening and it touched us in such a deep way due to the fact that we have gone through a very similar loss. Osteosarcoma is a very rare type of cancer, and through Zach's story it has allowed people to become more aware of this type of cancer. My brother was very much like Zach, a fighter, a beautiful human being that was an incredible son, brother, and friend, and positive until the end, and had the same beautiful, contagious smile. My family are very blessed to hear Zach's story, as we have such a similar story of our own. Thank you Zach for sharing your story, it gave my family more peace. Thank you with all of our hearts. In memory of Zach Sobiech, and Peter Hoag, my brother."

~ Jess Hoag, Sarasota, Florida

"Zach, you have touched my heart bro. May you rest in peace. I wish I could hug your parents, brothers and sisters for being such amazing people. God bless, I can't stop crying. Xoxoxo"

~ William Nesbitt, Newington, Connecticut

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