A True Hero: Tyler Doohan

The town of Penfield, New York, lost a hero when a fire claimed the life of 8-year-old Tyler Doohan.

In the early morning hours of Jan. 19, 2014, Tyler awoke to find his family's home burning. Rather than running for his life, he stayed to wake up six other family members and lead them to safety. He died trying to save his grandfather, whom Tyler called his best friend.

In the wake of this horrible tragedy, Tyler's bravery is small comfort to his family. But his story has inspired others who have been moved to offer condolences and send donations to help Tyler's family rebuild. Two separate fundraisers are taking donations to help pay for the funeral arrangements of those killed in the fire and to provide a new home for Tyler's family.

Read more of Tyler Doohan's story below and find out what you can do to help honor the spirit of this young hero.

Outpouring of support for Tyler Doohan family
"One by one community members poured into the Saint Nicholas Society to give their time and belongings to a little boy who gave his life for his family..."

YouCaring.com fundraiser for Tyler Doohan
Theresa Fiorica, a friend and neighbor of Tyler Doohan's family, established a fundraising page at YouCaring.com in Tyler's honor. Read more to see how you can help.

GoFundMe.com campaign for Tyler Doohan
Tyler Doohan's cousin established this page to help with the cost of funeral arrangements for Tyler, his grandfather and his uncle, who all died in the January 19 fire.