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College Athlete Dies to Save A Life / Nick Ehrhardt

College Athlete Dies to Save A Life

In the wake of this week's deadly storms across America's South, a story of heroism has come to light.

According to reports coming from the University of Alabama, 21-year-old university student John Servati died during the April 28 storm while holding up a collapsing wall in his home, sparing the life of his girlfriend. Servati, a member of the university swim team, was remembered by his friends and teammates as a generous man, who thrived by helping others. Fellow swimmer Anna Rae Gwarjanski took to Twitter to call Servati a "hero" early on the morning of April 29 as facts about his death were still coming to light. His final act of generosity cost him his life, but most likely provided the precious seconds his girlfriend needed to escape the deadly building collapse.

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