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Deadly Metro-North Train Crash / Nick Ehrhardt

Deadly Metro-North Train Crash

Most of us don't think our lives will end during our evening commute, but that's what happened Feb. 3, 2015, to six people in Valhalla, New York. An SUV became trapped between crossing gates and was struck by a Metro-North commuter train. The SUV dislodged the electrified third rail, which then pierced the first car of the train and started a massive fire.

Ellen Brody, 49, the driver of the SUV, was a mother of three returning home from her job at a jewelry design shop. The store's owner, Varda Singer, described her as "a great mom, always full of life and energy" and "a careful driver."

Eric Vandercar, 53, was one of the passengers killed on the train. He was a managing director for a financial firm, a married father of two and an avid fan of live music, claiming to have seen The Allman Brothers Band 232 times, according to his Twitter account.

Walter Liedtke, 69, another one of the passengers thus far identified, was a curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan where he organized exhibitions of Dutch masters Rembrandt and Vermeer as well as writing scholarly essays and books. His wife, Nancy, is a math teacher.

We will continue to update as more details of the tragedy become clear.

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